Why choose a personal loan from OpenTap?

In spite of multiple alternate financing options gathering steam, blue-collared workers still remain largely underserved. OpenTap’s life mission is to ensure that we bring this population into mainstream finance.

Some of the unique benefits that we bring to the table include:

our customers

For our customers

Over 70 million salaried employees in the country remain largely underserved. Given the lack of credit history and credit scores, they find it extremely challenging to avail any financial service other than basic banking. OpenTap exclusively works with this population and helps them begin their financial inclusion journey with short-term personal loans.

employer partner

For our employer partners

We ensure that your working capital is protected and is not exhausted in fulfilling salary advances. In partnership with OpenTap, you can stand by your employees in their hour of need – a major motivating factor for your employees to stick with your company over the long haul.

lender partner

For our lender partners

We help you take a fresh approach to lending. Millions of creditworthy Indians with legitimate credit requirements are underserved by the traditional financial system. Together, we can make ‘inclusivity’ a reality by enabling access to loans for various needs such as education, medical help, lifestyle changes and the like.