Architecting financial and social change for the underserved

India has around 70 Million salaried blue-collar workers earning salaries ranging from INR 6K to INR 25K. This segment is largely underserved due to lack of credit history and access to formal financial services. The result: Financial and social exclusion, and the inability to leverage credit when most needed. In case of emergencies, they end up borrowing money from usurious money lenders at inflated interest rates, only to face extremely harsh collection methodologies and other forms of backlash.

OpenTap’s vision is to break this vicious cycle by building a sustainable and inclusive credit ecosystem that understands and addresses the needs of the underserved. We aim to bring the underserved population into the mainstream financial system through innovative financial services and product lines such as short-term personal loans and loans against gold. We believe this will enable equal credit access for all sections of the population - for critical needs such as securing good education, ensuring medical care and insurance, and meeting expenses associated with major life events.

To fulfil this vision, OpenTap partners with leading financial institutions, becoming a one-stop-shop catering to the financial needs of the underserved population.


Welcome to the new frontier in lending

What OpenTap customers say

“For me, it is a matter of great pride that my son will be the first engineer in the family. Regardless the hardships, I wanted to make sure that my son and daughter have access to better education. With a loan from OpenTap, I was able to provide quality education to my children.”
Mrs. Damodaran, Supervisor, Chennai

“The loan I took from OpenTap has had a very good impact on my family. It has relieved us from our financial burden.”
Mr. Kumar, Process Worker, Bangalore

“OpenTap offers loans to people like us who do not get any kind of loan from formal financial institutions because of our salary range. I needed money to put my daughter through school, because the money we had saved was not sufficient.”
Mrs. Nageshwari, Receptionist, Bangalore


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Who are we

OpenTappers are visionaries who have chosen the start-up scene over regular corporate jobs in order to pursue the cause of financial inclusion. Our team of over 50 experts bring to the table, cumulative experience of over 500 people years across retail and investment banking and diverse functions such as credit, risk, marketing, sales, technology and operations.

We are a group of passionate individuals who are unafraid to think outside the box and take risks. As a group, we are aligned to the common goal of financial inclusion and are committed to building new frontiers in financial lending.