"For me, it is a matter of great pride that I’ve been able to educate my son. He will be the first engineer in the family! Regardless the hardships, I wanted to make sure that my son and daughter have access to better education."

Mrs. Damodaran, Supervisor

"I considered taking a loan from a leading NBFC in the city. But the process was cumbersome and collateral requirement was high. My owner put me on to OpenTap – everything was quick and easy."

Mr. Tahir, Dosa Chef

"OpenTap offers loans to people like us who don’t get any kind of loan outside because of our salary range. I needed money to put my daughter in a school, because the money we had saved was not sufficient."

Mrs. Nageshwari, Receptionist

"My manager introduced me to OpenTap when I was in urgent need of cash. I found them very responsive. The process is simple and documentation requirements are not cumbersome."

Mr. Mane, Security Officer

"My mother had a heart problem that required immediate attention. The process at banks was cumbersome and I did not have the time. Was introduced to OpenTap who offered very timely help."

Mr. Kumar, Member Ops

"The loan from OpenTap plays a critical loan in people’s lives. They come in during an emergency and help out – the blessings they earn will help them in the long run."

Mrs. Shinde, HR Assistant

"I took a loan from OpenTap because I trust the manager who is in-charge of our account. We have a long-standing relationship, which makes it easier."

Mr. Kumar, Sales Manager

"Shortage of funds is unpredictable. But the need to borrow money from outside (other than friends) never came up. There was an emergency for which I had to borrow money. And like I benefitted from the loan I took from OpenTap, I wish for others to be benefitted too."

Mr. Manjanna, Welder

"When I approached a bank for a loan for college fees, the officials were rude and said hurtful things. My colleague then referred me to OpenTap. Thanks to them, my son will now be a graduate."

Ms. Sudha, Teacher

"Many employees are looking for short-term loans for education, medical requirements. Some of these are immediate in nature. When they approach banks, their loans are rejected. They approached me for a solution and I put them on to OpenTap."

Mr. Kulkarni, Legal and Hire Manager

"Collection agents would land up at our doorstep early in the morning and in the guise of reminding us of payment dates, create a scene. This is a major reason why, in spite of being eligible, I did not go back to the same company, but opted for a loan from OpenTap. They don’t outsource collections and certainly don’t humiliate customers. Not happened even once during the entire tenure of the loan."

Ms. Shiny, Teacher

"Every month I come across instances where I was falling short of cash. If OpenTap was not there, I would have had to look for money outside for planned expenses like education for my children. Now, we can fall back on OpenTap."

Mr. Srinivas, Production Assistant