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FAQ's Employers

  • OpenTap is a FinTech company (providing alternate finance) incubated by professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the financial services industry.
  • OpenTap is not a financial institution regulated by RBI. OpenTap is a platform that operates as a marketplace to bring financial institutions to lend to borrowers.
  • Customers who require a loan, furnish personal details along with electronic versions of required financial documents like bank statements, pay slips and ID proof. Loan processing is completely automated and the process begins as soon as the customer provides all the details.

    When all documents are received, the loan application is parsed for initial verification and then passed on to the financial institution for final approval & disbursement.
  • Hundreds of millions of creditworthy Indians have legitimate credit needs that are overlooked or underserved by the traditional banking and credit card companies. For customers who have a solid capability to repay, despite the low risk of lending to that pool of borrowers, the traditional banking sector has no product to offer. Several of your employees fall into the same category – they are credit worthy, but are not entertained by banks.

    When these employees are faced with emergencies, as an employer - you want to be able to help. But when the demand grows and the number of employees that need help increases, you find it difficult to cater to every single request.

    In partnership with OpenTap, you can now bring those credit facilities to each and every one of your employees.
    1. Employee benefit program for all your employees, at no cost to you
    2. Increased employee motivation & retention
    3. Increased employee productivity
    4. Regulation of working capital outflow
    1. Sign up as an employer partner with OpenTap
    2. Furnish required details
    3. Conduct awareness program with employees
    4. Help verify employee details as and when required
  • All employees who have a regular pay slip month on month can sign up
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