Embark on your financial inclusion journey with OpenTap

OpenTap offers multiple loan options that can be used to meet immediate requirements. Getting a loan from OpenTap is simple. Once you have determined why you need the loan, choose the best loan product and register on our website – remember, your employer has to be registered with us. For initial verification, customers are required to upload ID and address proof documents. Once all documents are verified, the other processes kick in. The complete process takes around 72 hours.

OpenTap offers a maximum loan amount of INR 50,000 that can be repaid over a 12-month tenure (or less). 

Borrower eligibility requirements

  • Should be 21 years (and above) of age
  • Should be a resident Indian citizen
  • Should have valid ID and address proof 
  • Should have a valid bank account
  • Should be able to present payslips and bank statements for 6 months