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"Since I work in a factory, in a shift mode, it is impossible to take time and go out for anything. Approaching a bank for a loan would mean that I have to apply for time away from work – and that is not possible. Since OpenTap's loan application and process was easy, I did not have to go away from my place of work, I preferred taking a loan from them."

V. Selvaraj, Bangalore (India)

"If we approach banks for a loan, the interest rates are higher and the entire process is very time consuming. Both these issues are taken care of with OpenTap. That’s one of the main reasons why I've taken a loan from them, and have talked about them to several of my friends as well."

Aazad Kumar Yadav, Bangalore (India)

"I want to provide higher education for my children. School fees we could manage, but college fees was a challenge. We had to look at the option of taking a loan. With other sources, we end up paying 5 times more on just interest rates. In taking a loan from OpenTap, the money saved on lower interest rates is used elsewhere."

"My son will become the first engineer in the family, I am very proud…"

Devaki Damodaran, Chennai (India)

"Yes, we can take loans from banks. But unless we know someone there personally, the entire process is lengthy and cumbersome. OpenTap's quick and easy process made them the obvious choice. I keep telling my friends about them as well."

Rajesh Kumar, Bangalore (India)

"There was a medical emergency that required immediate attention. Turning to banks for this help would have been near impossible. Was introduced to OpenTap, who offered very timely help. The process was quick and very simple – ever since, I've been referring them to others."

Puneet Kumar, Bangalore (India)

"I did not know banks offer loans too. And I don’t have the time to go and out and understand all this. We work in shifts, so doing anything during work hours is very difficult."

G. M. Munirajappa, Bangalore (India)

"I took a loan from OpenTap because I needed money for the hospitalization of my mother. The process was online – easy and comfortable. I opted for OpenTap because of the short processing time as opposed to long and time consuming process with banks."

Y. Venkateswara Rao, Bangalore (India)

"I had applied for a loan from a bank. They said they will process it in 4 days. Even after a month passed by, nothing happened. So, I reached out to OpenTap. It’s a simple process, anyone can avail a loan. It was very useful for me during an emergency, am very grateful for this."

Sanket Shantinath Bedakihale, Bangalore (India)

"I had initially applied for a bank loan. The process was lengthy and was delayed a lot. My friend then told me about OpenTap and said that they process loans quickly. So, I reached out to OpenTap."

S. M. Muralidhar, India

"Many employees are looking for short term loans for education, medical requirements. When they approach banks, their loans are rejected. They approached me for a solution and I advised them to get in touch with OpenTap."

Vinayak S. Kulkarni, India