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The light was rapidly fading. The wind speed was rising steadily. Flurries were coming down and as one watched, it was turning into a full blown snow storm. There was a storm brewing outside. The view of the 'floor' was just as stormy.

Traders were screaming out numbers and instructions. The decibel levels (and heart rates) were rising. There was visible panic on everyone’s face. Papers, chairs and even people were flying around the place. The stock market was taking a beating! Well, not just a simple beating – it was actually taking a thrashing. One of the worst kind in the history of Wall Street. Phones were ringing off the hook. Friends, family, associates were all calling to reconfirm the bad news.

Everyone knew what it meant for people who had invested in the market – lost dollars, lost opportunities and plenty of unfulfilled dreams. There was anger, frustration, tears, beeped language, several relooks at numbers and finally a resigned acceptance of the situation. Some of the sentiments cannot even be penned down in words.

That's when it all started.

Having been there and seen first-hand what it meant to lose life savings and to see up close how it can bring people down to their knees, got a bunch of inspired individuals thinking. And when an investment in the stock market goes south, where do they go? A deeper understanding of the situation brought home the truth that a significant section of the society does not have access to financial services. Even the developed economies failed to cater to credit requirements of these people. How then, do these people fulfill life dreams that they’ve had for themselves and their families? How do they ensure that what they were denied, their children are not?

Thus began their tryst with alternate finance.

Three individuals with two things in common – Wall Street and a burning desire to do something for the not so inclusive section of the society, got together and incubated OpenTap. They cut their lifelines to well-paying corporate jobs and ventured into the stormy waters of alternate finance. 9 months into operation, they have worked with over 100 individuals to help them realize some of their dreams. They are sure that with the right help, these people will see a better Tomorrow, together.